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The Distinguished Alumni Award for Excellence recognizes and celebrates the professional, business, academic and personal accomplishments of Alumni of Obafemi Awolowo University (formerly, University of Ife)  Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

The purpose of the awards program, which is part of the activities of the Biennial International Reunion Events, is to recognize and celebrate eminent alumni of the University for their immense contribution to the growth of the University System, breakthrough performance in chosen professions and exceptional demonstration of leadership and integrity in service to humanity.

An eligible alumnus/alumna is a matriculate of an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the University.

The awards are in four categories outlined as follows:

[A] The Arts 
                                Literary and Dramatic Arts
                                Social Work
                                Communications (including Journalism)


[B] The Sciences               
                                Pure Sciences
                                Environmental Sciences


[C] Entrepreneurship


[D] Management/Public Administration
                                General Management
                                Public Administration
                                International Relations


Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria for giving an award of excellence, and ultimately an induction into the Great Ife  Alumni Hall of Distinction shall include but not limited to the following:

1. Nominee has held career positions demonstrating leadership, innovation and breadth of experience.

2. Nominee’s professional accomplishments demonstrate a record of innovation and problem solving in the development of new concepts, designs, prototypes products or services related to science, medicine, engineering,  law, economics, research, business, humanities, arts, academia or society.

3. Nominee’s personal accomplishment demonstrates a record of significant service to the Faculty, University, or  community at large, including volunteerism, philanthropy and advisory board involvement.  

4. Nominee has been recognized extensively by peers and other organizations through awards, citation, dedications,  scholarships, etc.  

5. Nominee’s accomplishments have been published or recognized in books, articles, documentaries and other media.

6. Nominee has been an active member in a variety of organizations related to his/her area of accomplishment, particularly in leadership roles.

7. Nominee personality should be a credit to the image of Great Ife Alumni Association.



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